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Bela Plazma cake

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Prelepa birthday cake with fine bark and grate cuts, with two threads, one of the yolks and the other with the plasma biscuit.

    12 belanaca
    12 sugars of sugar
    6 flour of flour
    6 bushes

    Fil I:

      12 yolks
      700 ml milk
      2 vanilla pudding (80 gr)
      200 g of powdered sugar
      250 gr margarine
      200 gr powdered milk


        300 ml of milk
        2 cups of sugar

        Fil II:

          200 ml of milk
          100 g of powdered sugar
          100 gr
          150 grams of mottled plasma biscuits

          Fil III:

            200 gr of spaghetti
            200 ml milk


            4 bucks with 4 sugar sugars.

            Add 2 flours of flour and 2 griddle spouts and all unite.

            Place it in a preheated rye oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Dimensions of the fertilizer are 30 x 20 cm.

            Repeat 2 more times.

            While the crust picks up the milk and the sugar and pours the bark through a hot siphon all three.

            To the filet and touched the egg yolk with sugar and pudding, add 200 ml of milk and add it all together, and add 500 ml of milk to the frying pan to wrap the puff pastry and mix until it thickens.

            Take off from the fire to cool it down.

            Pour margarine with powdered sugar, and add chilled cream and milk to powder and soak them all.

            For fil II, pour milk with sugar and whipped cream and add the juice to the plasma and mix everything.

            For fodder II, make whipped cream and milk.


            bark, fil. I, II, III

            bark, fil. I, II, III,

            age, fil I

            Decorate as desired.


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