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WHITE RUBBER: 5 roles of a natural remedy you probably did not know

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But even though we think we know about garlic, any data might surprise us. You have discovered unusual ways that garlic can be useful

first Helps fight the athletic foot
Garlic has antifungal properties and helps fight athletic foot, ie fungal infection, which can be obtained by all bosses walking around the dressing rooms, bathrooms, and other rooms with damp floors. To get rid of mushrooms in lukewarm water, put a little crushed garlic or powder of garlic and oily feet.

You can try to solve the fungi by soaking a pair of garlic cloves in a cotton sock and dressing them and let them work overnight. The procedure should be repeated six days.

second It's a natural cure for acne
Garlic has natural antibacterial properties and could help with acne. Simply cut with garlic cloves over the acne. Do not rub your entire face, just the top of your acne. Repeat the procedure several times a day, and the garlic should do it and the acne should disappear faster.

You can also make a small mixture of chopped garlic and water. So prepare the mixture with clean fingers on your face and rinse with warm water after a few minutes. The garlic will remove bacteria from the skin. Except with garlic you can mix it with two tablespoons of olive oil and spoonful of honey.

If at any time you experience a peeling mask, rinse with warm water at any time and put some garlic in the next preparation.

3rd Boost nails
In addition to numerous beneficial effects on the health of the body, garlic may also have this beauty purpose. If you want to strengthen your naked nails with a prone to shooting, put a little bit of garlic in a clear nail polish and allow it to last for seven days. Then apply light, and the result should be firmer and stronger nails.

4th Helps with ear infections
Garlic can make it easier to inflate your ear, and you can only use it for outdoor use. Natural healers have been used by ancient doctors and alternative doctors and traditional doctors, and its effective properties are worth trying even in ear infections.

Research has shown that garlic extract stops bacterial, viral and fungi growth. Fighting with painful ears might help garlic oil. Put some oil on your fingers and lightly massage around your ears from the outside.

5th Disinfect the clean
If you are a proponent of home cleaning preparations for spring cleaning, you can certainly use garlic. Combine garlic mixed with octo and lemon juice and use it as a disinfectant in the bathrooms and kitchens. Oat is excellent for removing lime, garlic disinfected, and lemon softens the scent. However, during this cleaning process, keep the windows open so that the “strong” scent of garlic may sound. In any case, it is healthier than the scent of buying chemicals that we often clean the sanitary ware.

In addition, garlic can also be a natural pesticide to protect your garden. Small pests do not like white onions, and to get rid of them you can make natural pesticide with garlic, a little mineral oil, water, and liquid soap.

Keep the appliance away from children. Although garlic is sometimes referred to as ‘stinky roses’, he can just cure a rose plant from the lice of the lice. Brushed garlic mixed with water and sprinkle with rose juice.

Grape Interesting:
– Garlic had to eat slaves who built pyramids to increase strength and endurance
– Garlic preparations were used in war warts on the battlefield
– The garlic has only 4 calories per clove
– China is the largest producer of garlic in the world
– There are 300 different types of garlic all over the world
– Aliphophobia is fear of garlic


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