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Rich cake

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Unique this cake has no name, it is not chocolate, it is not with nuts, herbs … it's absolutely fantastic, has more layers, more choirs, vanilla and chocolate bars, chocolate chips … I really do not know how to make her “Nadenem” name and became rich because it is, and is, with taste and fullness, a little more demanding, but that effort is worth it. I photographed her and a little bit of hair (which was crooked and crooked) .I have to put it, what will i see … …

Age I:

    5 eggs
    250 gr of sugar
    250 gr flour
    100 ml of milk
    100 ml of oil
    2 cups of cocoa
    1 baking powder
    Shake the belan with the sugar and add the egg yolk with fatigue, and also milk and oil. Finally add flour, cocoa and powder to the poppy and all to unite. Sprinkle in lime 30 x 20 cm or approximately and place in preheated rye to 180 degrees to bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. Test with a toothpick, so you can see if it is roasted.

    Age II:

      4 belanca
      4 sugars of sugar
      1 flour of flour
      3 cups of oatmeal (can also be walnut)
      1/2 Baking Powder
      Grate the rye to 200 degrees and stir the sugar bowl and add chives, flour and baking powder and mix everything. Bake between 10 and 15 minutes. This is what makes 2 crusts. I had pie in a large dump of one ounce one and it passed on to 2 pieces. Cool and soak with a chocolate jar. Dissolve 150 gr. Of chocolate with 3 teaspoons of oil and 3 milk jugs and let it clog.

      Age III:

        3 belanca
        3 sugars of sugar
        3 cups of flour
        1/2 Baking Powder
        Rinse the rye on 200 degrees and tap the sugar pan with the mixture of flour and baking powder. Bake between 10 and 15 minutes. Cool.


          1 l milk
          10 sugars of sugar
          10 cups of dough
          11 yolks
          Shake the egg yolks with sugar and dough, add some milk and stir. Put the rest of the milk to rip, then wrap and mash until it thickens.

          Take away from the fire, divide into two pieces and add 200 grams of chocolate, and another 2 vanilla sugars.

          Connect and cover with foil and leave to cool.

          Take 100 grams of margarine to be chunks of paper, so when the threads are smooth, add half to one fil, half a second, and stir.

          Apply 250 ml of sweet parsley and add one half to half the other half.

          Matches :

          Dark bark, sprinkle with milk, creamy cream, bark croissant, dark filet, white bark of belanaca, white cream, other chamois, chocolate cream, and remove the dark cocoa beans weighing with a little milk. There is a small row with which a whole cake is found.

          Decoration as desired. The decoration of our cake is a coconut ganache. 200 gr chocolate and 250 ml sweet peas. Heat the sweet pan to be hot and add the chopped chocolate and mix until a chocolate icing is obtained. Pour the icing on the edge of the pie with a little cake and lower it to hang out. Roll the rest over the crust and straighten. Then you can chase whatever chocolates, roleries and similar cherries you like.



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