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Black cake

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One strong chocolate cake for all chocolate cakes. I was troubled if the coffee felt when the bark was added when the bark was peeled, but not so much, so there was no concern, and the filaments I never rules in this way, usually I solved the chocolate in the sweet pavilion and after mixing it. The eggs here give a special taste and fullness.


    3 cups of eggs
    200 g of sugar beet
    100 grams of yellow sugar
    200 ml yogurt
    100 ml of oil
    300 gr of flour
    90 gr of cocoa
    1 baking powder (10 gr)
    1 baking soda biscuit
    a pinch of salt
    200 ml of coffee


      400 ml of sweet parsnips
      200 gr of black chocolate
      200 gr milk chocolate
      2 eels of eggs

      Black cake – Preparation:

      First combine the coffee and until it cools, we dip the bark, and between the coffee beans and the baking of the crust we include the rye on 200 degrees to heat up.

      For baking peas, cocoa powder for baking, sodu bb and so.

      Shake the egg with sugar to make sure that almost all of the sugar dissolves.

      Add oil and yogurt and then melt again.

      Then add a sesame ingredient and mix everything together.

      Finally add the coffee and melt again.

      Put the 26 cm baking sheet in the baking tray so that the paper “tilts” along the edge of the mold and squeezes the mass.

      The mass is a bit so we lift the paper.

      Place it to bake and reduce the temperature to 170 degrees.

      Bake for about 50 minutes.

      If you are not sure to test with a toothpick, if it is dry, it's almost over.

      Chop the biscuit.

      While frying the bark, make the cream.

      To the sweet apple add the chopped chocolate (both types) and wrap and mash.

      Do not worry, do everything in the middle fire.

      Once everything dissolved and united, the mass was obtained as a icing add the egg yolk (yes, in hot) and quickly mingle to mingle.

      Take off with a fire and special whiskey from the belan so add it to a chocolate filet and sprinkle it with a short mixer, just so close to it.

      The mass is the line and so it needs.

      Allow to cool to room temperature and put in a refrigerator clock, two.

      The Koreas came horizontally to 3 equal portions. Carefully soft.

      Remove the filet and shake it briefly with the mixer, not too much to stop firing.

      Raise every bark.

      You can sprinkle the upper bark with a little milk because it is a bit harder, because of the crease that has caught, or the cut off, middle and lower need not.

      Decoration as desired but before decorating the posture in the fridge to get the chocolate stuck.



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