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Diplomatic cake

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A great combination of walnut and two row walnuts, with little spoon or sweet walnuts, of your choice. The cake is fairly firm and can be under the basics, like any other decoration, and can even go to the floor. It is an ideal solution for a birthday party, like any other similar event, and anyone who is served this diplomatic cake will surely be satisfied with the taste it carries.

Ingredients for cake – three pips:

    4 belanca
    4 sugars of sugar
    100 grams of blackberry walnuts
    straight flour of flour

    Fil I:

      5 yolks
      4 flour of flour
      5 sugars of sugar
      500 ml of milk
      125 g of margarine or butter

      Fil II:

        7 yolks
        7 sugars of sugar
        150 gr. Of chocolate for chewing
        125 g of margarine or butter
        More: 500 ml of sweet potatoes


        Ulupati penasta belanca and gradually add the sugar, so mutate until it gets strong and firm.

        Apply flour and grated nuts and join with a potato.

        Apply a coat of 26 cm diameter or rectangular 30 x 20 cm to the sesame, arrange it and place it in preheated rye (while the bark) at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.

        Repeat 2 more times.

        Place egg yolks, sugar and flour, add some 500 ml of cold milk to the rest.

        Turn the smack and bend in boiling milk. Mix until it thickens, so remove from the fire and cover the foil directly on the resulting pudding and let it cool.

        For a long filet in a smaller shaker, swipe the sugar stew to take off and stuck and put on a larger shovel with “two fingers” Shoot for 10 minutes then add chocolate and mix until it dissolves.

        When the chocolate is dissolved it is removed from the fire and the fil is left to cool.

        When the threads cooled, fry the margarine or butter and add it into one filet, then tap other margarine or butter and chop it with chocolate cream. Or simpler excite all margarine and add half the chilled cream.

        Finally, squeeze the sweet parsley and add 2 to 3 cups to the filets and stir. They will be crushed and cremated.

        Put one filet on the first bark, and then overcoat the layer of sweet pavel, the bunch of bark, and then another one and another layer of sweet pavilion, and then another bark.

        If you have some sweet pavilions, use it for decoration.

        Leave the cake to lean and the bark smells, and the tastes get together and bark and serve.



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