Subota, 10 Decembra


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Wonderful cake on your desk. The ecklers will delight anyone who takes the ekler as a dessert. Whether it's with a banana or not, it's just fantastic.


1 cup of water
1 cup of oil
flour, about 400gr
3 eggs

1 / 2l of milk
2 vanilla pudding
2 bags of cream
100 gr of chocolate for cooking
4 spoons of sugar

Sprinkle water and oil in a sponge to spill. During that time mix the flour with baking powder. When water and oil leak out of the fire and add flour and mix quickly with a sword to get everything together. When the mixture is slightly cool in it, add one egg per day continuously by mixing the mixer. With this mixture, fill the syringe for the toothpicks and in the cloth squeeze the eclamps. Bake them first at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes, then cut to 150 degrees and bake for another 10 minutes. Separate a little milk (about 100 ml) and add yolks, sugar, flour and extract to it and mix it in a compact mixture. Put the rest of the milk to spin. Add to the boiled milk a mixture of yolks and cook with continuous stirring until it is thickened. Remove the cooked filets from the fire and periodically stir about 10 minutes to cool down a little and then add warm margarine to the top and moisten in a smooth cream. Eklers halve halfway. With a chilled fill, fill the ecclesia with the same syringe that you shaped them. Add the desired whipped cream or sweet cream to the filling, and then cover it with the other half. Dissolve chocolate for cooking and spoon over every eclipse.
Put water and oil in and out of the fire.

Put flour in it and mix it, it needs to be very dense. When the mixture is cool and lukewarm, add the eggs and wipe them all with a mixer. Heat the oven at 200 degrees and squeeze the syringe into the syringe. This should look like this.

Do not open the oven for 15 minutes so as not to “burn”. When the bake looks like this.

In half a liter of milk, pick up 2 pudding from vanilla and 4 teaspoons of sugar, and let it cool down completely. Add a bag of mixed cream to the cold.

Roast ekler cut into half and fill with syringe with cream.
Pour the second pouch of sugar and soak the syringe over the cream.

Cover with the other part of the biscuit, then dissolve the chocolate and sprinkle the boil.


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