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Here's how to protect yourself from mosquitoes

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Here's how to protect yourself from mosquitoes

There are many plants whose powerful smells effectively reject mosquitoes even in the open, in the garden, and which are not uncomfortable with our nose. Here is what the plant is about …

In our area this plant is often called melissa because of its Latin name Melissa officinali. Rub it on the skin and her gentle lemon-like scent will swallow mosquitoes. In addition, the mother-of-pearl is known as an extremely soothing antibacterial plant.

Cat's Grass (or Mint)
This fragrant cousin mentee contains a compound of nepetalakton that rejects various insects, and its scent on your skin will also drive nasty mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes can not withstand the scent of this favorite spice, and numerous researches show that essential oils found in toxic basil for mosquito larvae.

Powerful lavender is known as a plant that effectively makes mosquitos, with moths and flies. Given the strength and intensity of its specific smell, you can try to get rid of mosquitoes who are hanging in the house. If you do not move them in this way, then rub the lavender on the skin.

Sage and Rosemary
If you are planning outdoors, you can light a light fire in the old barbeque. Put some sage or rosemary in it. The scent that will spread afterwards will be pleasing to your nose, but uncomfortable to the mosquitoes. You just keep in mind that they will not be near you as long as you have smoke, so keep fire.

This plant has long been known as one of the most effective in fighting mosquitoes. Citrus essential oil can be obtained in all herbal drug stores or in stores. Mix it with a base of natural body oil according to your preference (argan, almond, coconut) and soothe the skin.

Mosquito Repellent Recipe
The necessary ingredients for the preparation of liquid are: 1/2 l. alcohol, 100 gr. carnation, 100 ml. almond oil, lavender or ordinary kid.

Leave the dried carrots in alcohol for four days and mix them in the morning and evening. After that, add the oil to the mixture and brush well. The device is ready for use immediately. Just place a few drops on your hands and feet, peel them into the skin and you will see the mosquitoes fleeing from you.

The insects do not like eucalyptus, cinnamon, ricinus, rosemary, basil, lemon grass … The ointments of these plants blend with the olive, flatten, apply to the skin and the mosquitoes will turn you into a wide harbor.

The smell of coffee successfully sucked the mosquitoes
For preparation we need only one teaspoon of ground coffee and aluminum foil. Arrange an aluminum foil of ten centimeters in length so that you can place a thin line of coffee on it. When you set the foil, pour coffee out so that it is as small as 3 to 5 mm in diameter, then light it up with a match on one side.

A 10-centimeter line can burn up to 20 minutes. The smell is not unhappy for us, but you will soon realize that mosquitoes no longer, even one, simply can not withstand this smell.

Also if you are in a room-enclosed space, after the line burns, do not throw away the remains, the mosquitoes will work for hours afterwards.

You can also perform this trick against mosquitoes in the garden as well as on the terrace, and we believe that this will become your best means

Natural Mosquito spray
Sprinkle the water and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of dried herb mix: chamomile and pickling grass. Cover, and let it stand until it cools down. Finally, dissolve the solution with a little alcohol, pour into the spray bottle, and your spray is over. You can also add some of the plants described above to plant herbs.

Mosquito Trap
All you need is a plastic bottle, knife, brown sugar, hot water and yeast.

Making: Cut the tip of the bottle. Sprinkle the sugar in warm water, and cool it, pour it into the bottle. Place the black tape or fabric on the bottom of the bottle.

Sprinkle yeast through the surface of the water in the bottle. Put the cut tip upside down in the bottle so that space between the throat and the surface of the liquid remains small. Place this trap near the place where you are staying. Komarce attracts the smell of yeast, especially when fermented. When a mosquito falls into this trap, they will not be able to get out.

How to soften the mosquito jigsaw
Bore of bananas
This is one of the ways to deal with itching after a bite. When you eat a banana, cut the inside of the bark of a piece of skin where your mosquito was eating

Bicarbonate and Water Soda
Mix the bicarbonate soda with water and blot the part of the body where the mosquito is. Let the mixture dry and after ten minutes rinse.

Hot Tubs
A quick solution is also a warm jug that you will warm under a hot water jet.


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