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Phosphatidylserine for better brain function

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Phospholipids are fat important to maintain optimal brain function. Cell brain cell membranes have been constructed and if their body is lacking, it necessarily results in deterioration of the brain function. Phosphatidylserine is a nutritional supplement that helps restore this lipid and thus improves brain function. If the dashboard is OK, everything else is in place.

The phospholipid function is maintaining cell strength and controlling cellular communication with the environment, ie, what enters and enters the cell. Phospholipids do not only participate in cell communication with the environment, but also in interstitial communication.

Although there are several phospholipids in the brain of our brain, each having its own function, one of the most important is phosphatidylserine. Numerous separate clinical studies have come to the same conclusion, namely that phosphatidylserine stimulates brain metabolism, protects the brain, improves the damage caused, and improves function and performance. Therefore, if you notice some memory holes, a difficult memory, or just a feeling that something is missing in your mental performance, you might want to consider the possibility of including phosphatidylserine in food through dietary supplements.

When we reach specific years, about 50 or 60 comes to a sudden drop of ability memory, this is of course not a rule, but most people will notice forgetfulness, occasional confusion, feelings of something oblivious, and the like. This is a normal thing for this year and is simply part of the natural aging process.

A study was conducted on 149 people between the ages of 50 and 60 who were diagnosed with mild memory disorders. This large group of people is divided into two smaller ones. One group was given 100 mg of phosphatidylserine per day for 12 weeks, and the other group received placebo.

All of the groups who received phosphatidylserine reported a jump in memory and concentration and subsequent studies found that daily consumption of phosphatidylserine turned the clock for some 12 years, ie the ability to remember the subjects drastically improved.

So if you notice any problems with memory or a sudden increase in forgetfulness, if you do not often recognize people right away and you can not locate people you've met in certain situations, remembering the phone number has become an impossible mission … in this case, for these phospholipids. You will notice the improvement very soon and after 3 months you will see unimaginable improvement of mental functions. Do something good for yourself, improve the quality of life and your mental life. You know how to say, “You are what your own thoughts have made of you!”


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