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Japanese glass

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Cake for all the occasions, only patience is needed. Drying of the bark. . just a big wax and a piece of paper, nothing more. Dried bark and two creams, I look at this cake drank a sigh of pleasure and when you try to distribute the taste in your mouth.
Ingredients – 2 crusts are true:

    7 belanaca
    10 sugars of sugar
    1 teaspoon sirloin


      10 yolks
      5 flour of flour
      6 dcl. milk
      5 sugars of sugar
      1 vanilla sugar
      The second part
      4 oz
      5 sugars of sugar
      250 gr margarine
      300 gr. marinated walnuts
      2 pound cream vanilla cream


      Shake strong whites from belanas and sugar and add in the end of the cheese. Sprinkle the rye at 150 degrees, put the bark and immediately cut it to 100 degrees. This is a measure for a medium-sized bark.

      Place a piece of paper in the tray. no more that you will not survive if you have a good bite and be strong and you do not open the bar at least an hour, do not worry will not burn.

      So make two crusts, and only when the crust cools take off the paper.

      Sprinkle, flour, sugar and vanilla sugar into the milk and leave to cool.

      The second part – 4 ounces and sugar are mixed and then peeled for 5 minutes. Also let it cool down and mix with the modified margarine and then add the shredded mash, then add the oatmeal.

      Put the first bun and half the row, remove cream from the vanilla cream, half, then another bark, repeat half a row and half the cream cream. I recommend to recommend a sweet potato and a whipped cream.


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