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How to strengthen the bones

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Bones are a living substance, which over the years is renewed, grows and heals. Barking of the bones loses strength, which causes osteoporosis. Below we bring you how you can strengthen your bones.

Eat ten dry plums daily to increase the mineral density in the elbow. Dry plums contain ingredients that slow down bone loss.

They do not only contain dairy products that require calcium to strengthen the bones. Calcium can also be found in foods such as figs, broccoli, cabbage, kale and almonds.

The key role in maintaining bone strength is magnesium. Magnesium can be consumed through herbs, seeds, peas, nuts and unprocessed cereals. Elderly people should pay particular attention to the fact that the food they eat is rich in magnesium, because with the age that mineral is lacking in the body.

You can prevent bone turnover by consuming vitamin K. Vitamin K can be found in broccoli, cravings, potatoes, lard, green salads and spinach. An excellent source of vitamin K can also be found in fermented soda.

The intake of alcohol, salts, carbonated beverages and caffeine in the body, causes calcium loss, and reduces its ability to absorb. It would be good to limit the intake of these drinks and foods into the body. Also exaggerated pasta consumption has the same effect, so it would be good if you replaced pasta with potatoes.

Walk as much as half a hour by walking only 4 days a week, you can keep the bone density.

Calcium absorption helps vitamin D, which is essential for recovery and bone growth. Enter Vitamin D into the body through vitamin preparations and exposure to the sun.

Omega 3 fatty acids slow down the process of weakening the bone structure. Essential fatty acids reduce calcium loss through urine, stimulate bone growth, increase calcium utilization in the body, and strengthen bone.

Exercise exercise under load that will strengthen your bones. Regular exercise will stimulate calcium absorption, which is crucial for people at an earlier age. It is best to consult the practitioner who best suits you.


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