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A cake with a milkcake

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Come on, make a cake with biscuits and make a fil … like that … milky – my house told me. Sweet, creamy … I think … with milk chocolate, can … pick Milk Milk in combination with sweet jelly instead of margarine, but I will not be a usual pet, but cocoa, but if I put cocoa then I will be white milk with a white chocolate … I got excited to me I head to work, I manage to add a little eurocurrency to boost tastes and I can tell you that it is a plan. For us, usually the cakes last for a short while, eat one or two, or a couple of pies, and that is it, we get tired and we always have some cookie or half cake with coffee. This is not what you wear, this is so good and we have never been! She stayed home, eaten in dessert.

Ingredients :

    750 grams of cocoa pie biscuits
    1l milk
    3 puddings with tasty sweet peas
    5 sugars of sugar (or by taste)
    100 grams of inoculated milk chocolate (or more and obligatory milk)
    500 ml of sweet parsnips
    200 gr
    100 ml of milk + a little more to grind biscuits


    Grow pudding with sugar and a little cold milk. Put the rest of the milk to put it.

    When the dairy comes to swallow pudding and mix until it thickens.

    Sprinkle the pudding away from the fire, add the chocolate and mix until it dissolves. Spread the foil directly onto the pudding and let it cool.

    When the pudding is cooled to melt the sweet parsley and pudding the mixer slightly with the mixer, not to be compact.

    Add half of the freshly ground sweet potato pulp and stir.

    If it's too hard to add a little while, then oept it out. Have some sweet cakes for decoration around the cake.

    Share the biscuits on 3 or 4 pieces, depending on how high you want or how much you are accustomed to.

    Wrap the biscuits in lukewarm milk and order the first row. Finish the film and put it to the end.

    Finally pour over the euro coat over the row and add 100 ml of milk to the quill and slightly to the top, so that you can swallow eurokrem and milk.

    I did not set this up before, but I would certainly cut every row of coins with euro coat, and then match the next row of biscuits. It would certainly be more delicious!

    About the cake roll the oranges of sweet pavilions.

    Let it cling well, cool and tune together and serve.



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