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The combination that wins: Salmon and lemon pate / Tuna pate !!

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Rich and aromatic salmon spread is ideal for breakfast or dinner, along with crackers and toast. Prepare a simple salmon spread and enjoy.


    boiled eggs

    300 g smoked salmon

    300 g cream cheese

    ¼ cup finely chopped red peppers

    ½ lemon juice

    grated cover of lemon

    ¾ spoonfuls of finely chopped copra

    2 tablespoons of cream

    10 ml of olive oil

    so, pepper


    Mix the cheese, salmon, lemon juice, lemon peel, red pepper, cream, and olive oil in the blender.
    Stir the finely chopped boiled egg. Add the dill, and pour it and pick it up.
    Pack the mixture in a glass jar and hold in the fridge until servicing.

    Tuna pate

    Tasty and creamy can of tuna from the can, with the addition of spices, butter and milers. It takes a very little time and a few completely normal ingredients to make a healthy and tasty homemade pate.
    Preparation time: 15 ‘
    total time: 15 ‘
    quantity for smaller teal

      canned tuna in pieces, dressed (150g), in water or oil (see notes) *
      sauerkraut (10g)
      2/3 tablespoons lemon juice (4g)
      half spoonful of mustard, 4g (you can omit)
      35g butter
      full of buckwheat milers or crème fraîche (40g) *
      pepper, hot peppers
      arbitrary accessories
      half a teaspoon of chopped garlic
      2-3 solids
      fresh herbs

      You can use a stick mixer to make a pie (it's easier when you roll in a little wider than that of a very high standard that usually comes with a mixer), a multipraktik or a chopper or all the ingredients in the avan (this version requires the most time, but is the nicest thing to do).
      Wrap the tuna and put it in a bowl. If you use one in your own juice (in water), add a spoon of olive oil (10g). Mix briefly to make pieces shiny.
      Mix a soy sauce, lemon juice and mustard in a special bowl. Add the tuna and mix until the ingredients are seated together and the tuna is not completely covered. If you put onion or anchovies, add them together with other ingredients.
      Cut the butter into pieces and add one by one so that the former completely drowns in the mixture. If you blend into a multipractic, then you do it quickly and briefly, as the butter does not dissolve.
      Finally, add the pepper to the taste and, if you like, hot peppers. Add a full spoon of mulberry (use a full-fat version) and squeeze only until it all merges, although it is best done with a silicone spatula or spoon. Try, refine the taste, sprinkle the paste in the jar, close it and let it cool down in the fridge.
      The pâté is best served at room temperature, when the butter is a little relaxed and it is finely lubricated and full of taste. Beat it over some good bread and, if you like, sort the peppers or tomato rings, sprinkle with a drop of olive oil and enjoy. The refrigerator will last for three to four days.
      Choosing tuna – most often I use the one in salamuri, or in water or my own juice (depends on how it is written) and I add a spoon of olive oil. In general, it is not easy to find tuna in quality oil, so I avoid it, but the choice is on you. The pate is tastier than the one in oil, creamy, and full, because the tuna itself is less dry, and even when it tastes. If you use it, you do not need to add oil.
      If you use acid sour cream / cream (instead of if you do not have to), do not forget to drain the liquid from the top well and reduce the small amount (say 25-30g), so that the pate will not be more liquid than necessary. Also, you can use a cream cheese as a substitute because it is usually tougher than cream.
      Nutritional values ​​are calculated according to the basic recipe for both types of tuna. I only scrubbed the oil in the oil, and this one was cured and added olive oil.
      Nutritive values
      on 100g of pate from tuna in oil
      energy value: 287.5kcal
      proteins: 17.6g
      total fat: 24.4g
      total carbohydrates: 1g

      on 100g of pate from tuna in water
      energy value: 261.5kcal
      proteins: 17g
      total fat: 22g
      total carbohydrates: 1g


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