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Tiny fish steak | Fish fascia

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Fish grinder ingredients, fish-knit sticks

    • 500 g fish fillet (hake, pangasius)
    • 50 g of scarlet or some mild arc
    • 1 dl of olive oil
    • 120 g of batter or white bread (not dry, not crisp) (20-25% of the weight of the fish)
    • 1.5 dl of sweet cream or milk
    • 2 XL eggs
    • 1 VŽ 5 g homemade sealant for fish
    • 1 VŽ (1,2-1,5%) 12-15 g of salt
    • 1 VŽ chopped parsley
    • optionally grilled, bread crumbs, flour, frying eggs


    Fish popcorns, fish fishes, cut fish sticks or simply fish frikadels are simply a fish dish and a delicious bread with spices fried in oil. Fish fishes can work from all kinds of solid fish that you have removed the bones. You can also make fish buns from the remains of already baked or cooked fish. Tuscany fish steak is an excellent choice for eating from “residues, stew” on the second day.
    Bread for fish-lean cuts must not be crisp, but not dry. Sprinkle it on as little dice as possible and sprinkle it with hot milk or dissolve it in a sweet top (I prefer a variant).
    On olive oil, glaze (let them just jumble), scarlet or purple onion cut into small cubes. Watch the scales very fast. Put it cool.
    The easiest way to mix fish frikadele (only filet and soaked bread) is by fattening in a flail mash on a 3-4mm dish, but it will also serve as a multipractic chopper.
    When hacking and fattening, let the fillets of fish for the cut fish stew be completely cold, leave it for 1 hour in the chest to start frosting. Such a fish fillet is much easier to fascinate.
    Mix the resulting mixture well together with 2 yolks and one egg whites, spice for fish, salt, parsley and cooled dill shag (onions) well, as long as possible.
    The dough mixer will surely help you here. When mixing, make sure that the mixture is compact, if necessary add bread crumbs.
    The amount of crumbs depends on the percentage of water in fish fillets, and there are no rules. Leave the fish fascia mixture for at least 1 hour in the fridge before baking.

    Make the balls (150-160 g) from the fish fascia mixture. Make the same fish burgers by splitting the balls between the palms of the ball at 3-4 cm thick, but only before dropping them into the frying oil.
    Keep the mixture really until the last moment in the refrigerator.
    Fry the fish steak fry in butter or in oil. Make sure the temperature of the oil, and especially the butter is not too high, about 140-160 ° C, the amount must not exceed half the height of the fish burger itself.
    When frying, I avoid fish frikadele rolling in flour / eggs / bumps because they are drunk before more oil. If you are so panicked, then put the fish platter before panning to max 1 cm of height.
    In the flour, before roasting, they rolled in without firing. I get the same, or even better, effect if I mix the mix for the fish pops for a long time.
    Fry them first on one side for 2 minutes and carefully turn (with two twisted spoons or some suitable spatula), they must get the cover. Fry again 2 minutes. Must and the other side have a cover.
    Now you can turn it even more often.

    Fish pops are finished when no light or very light sunlight comes out of the middle.
    Serve koshe fish sausages when they cool down. The best for me is when they cool down completely and then I just warm them a little on the sofa (without oil). In the chilled bread, it is compressed so they are firmer.
    Serve fish friqadels with tartar sauce, potatoes or pea salad or use it for a vegetarian fish hamburger.


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