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Kroštule | Hroštule | Fanjki

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    • 6 egg yolks
    • 100 g (1DL) acid cream 12% milk fat
    • 0.5 dl of rum
    • 50 g of sugar
    • 1 vanilla sugar
    • 1 MG salt
    • Powder powder for spreading
    • 400 g of smooth flour

    After an interesting discussion with locals from several regions, I learned that this delicacy is being prepared in the vicinity of Pakrac and Lipik as well as in Gorski Kotar. It's called phoenix.
    There are also minor deviations in the recipe, with or without eggs, and somewhere in the dough is added wine instead of brandy. Somewhere neither comes nor comes.
    Characteristic for both; flakes and kroštule are made of non-worm dough, which is baked in oil or fat.
    From my own experience, I know that in the SZ, Croatia is also preparing fungus, only germ can be eaten there, and such flax in other parts of the country are called pancakes, pizzas, pancakes or simply lepinja. [/ Op. a]
    Mix with a yolk mixer, cream, sugar, salt, rum.
    Pour the flour and add it to the pre-mixed mixture with constant stirring.
    Mix as much as you go, then continue to mix the dough paste with your hands until it becomes uniformly smooth and not glue more for the dish.
    It is possible that the interesting one was large, so the added amount of flour would be insufficient for the pastry dough. Nothing to do, just add more flour, taking care of the quantity. It is best to mix flour with a spoon.
    Put the dough paste in a plastic bag and then refrigerate for 60 minutes. that the dough rests.

    After 1 hour, remove the dough dough from the refrigerator, place it with your hands and cut into pieces suitable for rolling.
    Drain the work bench and place pieces of dough on it and spread it evenly to a thickness of 3-4 mm, as pasta pasta.
    You can blow the rolling using a dough rolling machine (the one you normally use for a picture of tagliatelle or soup noodles).
    Cut the tape of 2-3 cm in width from the spilled dough dough, and cut the tape to a length of 15 cm. Slice each cut ribbon in the middle, and then draw through the hole so that you get one type of bow tie.
    This is a traditional shape of a circle, you can of course invented your shape, say the letters of the alphabet, and then put the letters together in the name. The right thing for a child's birthday.
    Heat the oil to 160 ° C in a wide bowl, and bake the sauerkraut and fennel with constant stirring, as with the clippers.
    Just because of the need for constant mixing and the very size of the frybrood of the fryer is unsuitable for baking.
    Sprinkle baked breadcrumbs with powdered sugar. Fangs can be consumed after a few days, but the best in while they are warm.


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