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Maize sugar is nourished and does not thicken

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Cooked or roasted corn is one of the healthiest fast-food products you will buy on the road. But some of them more and more often, unfairly, are in the same basket with unhealthy food.

Maize, especially sugar, is unworthy of bad voice in various “experts”. Sugar has a juicy and delicious grain, which apart from starch contains proteins, and is therefore very healthy. Nevertheless, myths about corn are all the more.

What are the most common myths about corn?

first Most corn is genetically modified. Not true – even in the United States, only three to four percent of GM crops grown for human consumption. GMOs do not sell in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Maize is thicker, so it is cattle – It's a mistake – Maize has the same number of calories as apples, but less than a quarter of a sugar. In other words, corn is actually one of the healthiest foods! The fact that some soaked with butter and unreasonable sun is the second story.

3. Cooking makes corn less nutritious. Inappropriate – An antioxidant activity that helps protect the body against cancer and heart disease actually increases when corn is cooked.

4. Maize does not contain healthy ingredients. Fairly Wrong – Maize contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytochemicals that keep healthy eyes, and has a beneficial diet fiber.

5. Corn should be selected according to grain color. Understood – Variety is far less important than freshness. Any corn can be bad if it is old. No color is crucial to quality. Yellow, white, two-tone, nothing to mind. The color varies from region to region.

Silk as a diuretic

It is well-known in the people that maize silk is good as a diuretic but also for heart disorders and urinary diseases.

Frozen corn sugar does not lose its properties by deep freezing and can be prepared in the same way as fresh or canned.

Health Benefits

During cooking or roasting maize, molecules are released that protect the organism from the harmful effects of free radicals. It increases the antioxidative power of corn, so it protects against cancer, heart disease, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease.

Maize abounds in dietary fiber that lowers cholesterol levels, abundant with folic acid, keeping the cardiovascular system, vitamin B1 important for good brain function, and carbohydrates that give us a fast-paced energy.

Sugar is especially recommended for future mothers as one of the most important
the 20th Century medical discovery states that correct intake of folic acid during pregnancy reduces the damage to the newborn's nerve system by 48 to 80 percent. The Other Side of the Medal 1. Cooking increases the antioxidant power of maize, but reduces the amount of vitamin C. This reduces its ability to prevent cell damage and tissue damage. Researchers claim it does not mean that heat-treated corn is less healthy. Maize lacks two essential amino acids, lysine and tryptophan. It is therefore recommended that maize be combined with legumes and thus satisfy the needs of organisms for proteins and minerals.3. On the black list of foods that cause allergies, corn is also found. Allergic to corn should feed from the diet all the ingredients that come from corn, for example, industrial food containing corn syrups and starch, medicines and food supplements in which the corn derivative is used as a filler.


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