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Milka cake

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Milka cake is certainly one of the most popular torti of everyone. Most often they are preparing for birthdays and everyone loves it. This is the measure for a really cake, you can adjust how you respond. for example, you make a 5-egg basket in a mold of 23cm diameter.

    21 sugars of sugar,
    300 grams of oats, or walnuts
    1 flour of flour


      21 žumance,
      2 vanilla pudding,
      6 sugars of sugar,
      6 flour flour,
      1, 2 l milk
      250 gr margarine
      100 grams of spaghetti
      300 gr in Milka Chocolate
      300 gr Milk Chocolate Milk with Chestnut


        50 gr. Of chocolates
        50 gr. Of chocolates
        0, 5 dl oil

        preparation :
        Spread the sugar in the bowl and add chives and flour, lightly dab with the potato.

        Make 3 crusts. Bake at 180 degrees, about 20 minutes. Mera is a 28cm diameter mold.

        Sprinkle, puddle, sugar and flour with 2 dl of milk and cook it in 1l of boiling milk.

        All cool.

        Break the cooled fil mixer.

        Make margarine and add the filet.

        Shave whipped cream and add it to the previous filet.

        Divide into 2 pieces and add one 300 grams of lyophilised milk chocolate, and into the other part of 300 grams of half-lypped Milka chocolate with cherries.
        Fill the first bark with half a half and one half of the second row and put another bark, and put half the half and one half of the second bun on it and cover it with the third coat.
        Dissolve dark and white chocolate for oiling, then put on the top in the upper basket and then go dark and dark with chocolate. Best with something like jersey, so let it go. You can sprinkle the atmosphere with chocolate scones.
        Make a cake let you stay 2h in the fridge so you can serve it.


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