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Piercing in the mouth – ornaments or threats

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Piercing in the mouth is a trend among the younger population and teenagers, and according to the psychologist it is often related to the personality of the person and its proving. During puberty, teenagers are often unaware of the consequences of wearing and possible complications that may occur.

As the popularity of piercing grows in language, growing scientific research that warns of problems that causes piercing of tongue, lip or cheek. If you have decided on it with the accompanying pain, we believe that you have prepared for the complications and possible damages that such decorations in the long run make your teeth and gums.

Potential Health Risks Exposed if you choose to pierce your lips or tongue:

* Infection The most common occurrence is that the oral cavity is full of bacteria,

* Bleeding Damage to the spinal cord, especially when drilling the tongue, lips or chin,

* Pain and swelling a side effect when the injured tongue begins to flare up and may end up disabling breathing

* Palate injury In rare situations, piercing of the tongue causes damage to the gall bladder and inflammation wounds that cause inflammation,

* Corrosion to the right most commonly occurs in piercings in the mouth or tongue because the metal decoration is in constant contact with the right and there is friction that causes the right injury,

Cracked or broken tooth common occurrence in persons with piercing,

* Distance between the teeth – The owners of the tongue are often “playing” balls attached to the tongue jewelery, hitting them on the forearm teeth, creating a gap between teeth,

Increased tendency to caries

Allergies nickel-containing decorations often generate allergic reactions, preferably information about the material,

* Infectious Diseases (hepatitis, AIDS) – Nested pins used in the piercing insertion process favor the creation of the disease

* Endocarditis Consequence of an infection caused by piercing.


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