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Chicken with peppers

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Chicken with peppers

Chicken and pepper are very good. This recipe is made with red peppers, which we baked and sprinkled. It is very tasty and a healthy meal. As an attachment you can serve pasta, I used an integral, rice or potato mashed potatoes depending on your taste. It's relatively fast. The only thing that requires more time is preparing peppers. You can bake them before, and we'll show them when you want to prepare the meal.


    1 kg of red peppers
    500 d0 600 gr cheese chicken and carabace
    3 cups of olive or ordinary oil
    1 small spoon of salt
    1 small spoon of garlic powder or fresh
    1 small spoon of curry powder
    3 to 4 tablespoons of cooking cream


    Pour the paprika in the oven. Peel them and clean them from the seeds. Put them in a blender or wrap them in a fine mousse with a stick mixer.

    Pour the oil in pan or pepper, heat and sprinkle peppermint. Mix for about 1 minute. Add chicken chopped chopped, stir. Add the onion, curry and so on. Cover, starve in medium heat for 10 minutes. Mix occasionally. After 10 to 15 minutes, add the cooking cream and mix. Our food is over. Serve with the attachment of your choice. Pleasant

    It needs:

      1 chicken white meat,
      1 red, green and yellow fresh peppers (which means a total of 3 sweet or hot peppers, baboons, horns, …),
      1 tunic of parsley leaves (or coriander),
      1/2 lime or lemon (bark and juice),
      2 tablespoons of olive oil,
      a little oregano or basil (what you have or what you prefer),
      roasted peppers,
      They are also pepper.
      Note, it is understood that peppers are colored due to the final look of the meal, but it does not matter if you have only one type of pepper in the same color, the meal will be equally good.

      Cut chicken and pepper to pieces, e.g. on sticks or dice, as you are more comfortable.


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