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First-legged jokes that everyone believed

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These are some of the best jokes the world has believed:

first In 1962, color TVs were a real rarity. Swedish national television has made use of it and puts its viewers on the information that their black and white receivers can at times turn into colored ones if they put a couple of nylon socks over the apparatus.

2. In 1966, the American Fast Food Company Taco Bell announced that it would buy a “Liberty bell” from the US government and rename it to “Taco Liberty Bell”. This bell is one of the most valuable monuments from the time of the American Revolution, hundreds of people protesting.

3. Honored British astronomer Patrick Mur (Patrick Moore) announced on April 1, 1976 that the rare position of the planet temporarily completely reduces Earth's gravity, which will cause all people to hover for a while! Hundreds of listeners called the newsroom to let the experiment succeed.

4. On April 1, 1998, the science magazine “New Mexicans for Science and Reasons” published the news that the Alabama American Assembly changed the value of the Pi number from the mathematical constraint of 3.14 to biblical 3.00 – which is much more convenient.

5. Famous conceptual artist Skags has been announcing for years that he will be organizing a special parade in New York on April 1st. Every time, journalists gather, but I can only conclude that they have again settled on the first joke. Still, they are persistent, because they never know.

6. Many Korean and Chinese newspapers released on April 1, 2003 CNN's announcement that Microsoft's owner Bil Gejts (Bill Gates) was killed. The result is a total drop in Korean stock market shares by 1.5 percent.

7. The British daily Daily Mail reported on April 1, 2006 that British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Tony Blair) redefined the red color of the “Downing Streets”, traditionally colored in black, while the Times published a text about a new security card system that is activated by singing.

8. The Swedish leading journal “Dagens Nyhter” frightened on April 1, 2006 by thousands of cyclists, claiming that the Dutch authorities would introduce the speed limit for cyclists 20 kilometers per hour in the narrower city center.

9. In the same year, in Belgium, the GDR radio network reported that the regional government in Flanders was so concerned about the sunken times of the country's population that it decided to deliver 10,000 “sunscreens” to citizens for free tanning sessions.

10. The famous fast food chain “Burger King” in 1998 published a large advertisement in the newspaper in which he presented cheeseburger hamburgers. The company explained that he would remain the same as the original, all the ingredients would be recruited for 180 degrees so they would not spill on the right side of the hamburger.


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