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Reform cake

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The Reform Cake is certainly one of the most famous and fairest cakes. As for the reform of the cake there are two ways to prepare the row we have chosen the simpler or more familiar as a cold fil and with that movie we recorded the video prescription preparation as we do it. I simplified the baking process with a large dummy filler and in case you want a round cake, use a 26 cm diameter mold. This cake is a great blend of chocolate and walnuts and absolutely everyone loves, it's a great choice for birthdays, holidays or any celebration.

Ingredients for all 4 covers:

    16 belanaca
    16 cups of sugar crystal
    4 flour of flour
    10 gr of baking powder
    400 gr of buttery walnuts


      16 yolks
      200 grams of sugar crystal
      200 gr of chocolate
      250 g of margarine or butter
      100 g of powdered sugar


        200 gr of chocolate
        3 cups of oil
        Decoration as desired, in the video is a cream of chocolate cream


        Incorporate the renaise to bake at 200 degrees.

        We have shortened the procedure so instead of baking the four bark, two in a large dung, and then the ingredients of the bark split into two parts.

        Separate 8 belanas from the egg yolks (immediately place the ointment in a small bowl).

        Shake the bacon to the stench and add gradually 8 cups of sugar until a strong and firm penis is obtained.

        Then add 2 flours of flour, 200 gr of marinated walnuts and 1 teaspoon (5 gr) of baking powder.

        Attach all the wire.

        Cover the dough with a baking sheet (40 x 30 cm) and place the whole sliced ​​loaf and level. Furnace 15 minutes.

        Leave the chopped bark to cool and repeat the preparation and baking process once more.

        To filter the sugar stew to make the pancake and the saffron.

        Put that shovel on the bigger shovel we squeezed with “two fingers” of water and put it all on fire.

        From the moment you sip the water in the lower shrimp, shoot for 12 minutes with occasional mixing.

        Then add the chopped chocolate and mix until it dissolves. Total time of 17 minutes.

        Leave the fil to cool. Sprinkle margarine or butter with a powdered sugar.

        Add a chilled fil and add it all. Do not mutate long enough that margarine or butter will not let go (too much).

        Put each of the covers one on top of each other and take half to get 4.

        Chop the chocolate cover. Roll this cake and around it.

        For glaze, melt the chocolates with pepper oil or in microwave. I dissolve in microwave at medium temperature for 15 seconds until dissolved.

        Take the top of the bark with the glaze and the cake in which the cake is touched left – to – right and over until the icing is cool.

        Let it hang on and finish the decoration, we did it with a cream of chocolate cream.

        The cake should take a couple of hours to tame the united one then to serve.



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