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Risotto with turmeric

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Curcuma has been very well represented in our region, and we have just mentioned some of its significant effects on our organism.

    200 gr of any mixture (corn, grapes, carrots, peppers) and can be put fresh vegetables, chopped from everything by little we have in the season
    1 tbsp dry spice
    1 smaller head of onion
    100 ml of oil
    1 cup of 250 ml rice (rice)
    1/2 teaspoons turmeric
    1 spoon of salt
    1 tsp of dried parsley leaves or fresh, you have


    Cut black onion, add oil, dried spice and a little water and dinstat.

    Put in a second bowl a mixture of vegetables to cook.

    When the onion is almost digested from the fire.

    Put rice and water in the third bowl to cook rice.

    Add vegetables to the vegetables that are cooked by half (it means a little to him that it is almost completely).

    Then rinse the rice which we cooked for 10 – 15 minutes (and it is almost cooked).

    We do not bow down, and we take from the vegetables a cup of water that is left of cooking.

    We cook in this way because when we merge all the ingredients we have to do a little more together to cook them, so as not to decompose, all ingredients are merged when they are close to the end of cooking.

    And rice to add vegetables and harbor, add vegetables together with boiling water and processed rice.

    Reduce the fire and add salt, turmeric and parsley leaf.

    We cook in a light fume with occasional mixing (again, not all decaying) until the excess water is evaporated.

    It can stay thin because it will tighten during cooling.

    Do not wait for the rice to serve lukewarm, or prepare it first before preparing any other meal.

    Always prepare it for the last one, as it rinses, rinse, rinses and leaves its starch, everything becomes sticky and less tasty.



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