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Colorful cake

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For 4 crusts needed:

    4 eggs
    2 glasses (of 200ml) of oil
    4 glasses of flour
    2 cups of sugar
    2 vanilla sugars
    2 baking powders
    1 cup of milk
    food colors or flavors as desired

    For fil:

      1 l milk
      150 g of dough (starch)
      10 sugars of sugar
      250 gr margarine
      desired color and aroma

      Preparation Mode
      Line up:
      In 200 ml of cold milk, pour the dough and mix until all the bunches are broken.
      The rest of the milk pours into the pot, add sugar and wait for it to sprout.
      Then add butter and dough in the milk gradually and mingle constantly on a low heat until the mass thickens. It should look like pudding.
      Take off from the fire and wait for the filament to cool down completely.
      On the other hand, sprinkle the margarine and add a cold filet to it and mumble until the rest is united.
      Bark Making:
      Remove the egg yolks from the belan. From belanaca to whisper (cold).
      Before the mucus was added, add a salt funnel to make the wedge firm and compact.
      In the other dish, fry the egg yolk, and add sugar, flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder, milk and oil.
      When it comes to a comfortable fit, add it to the spit and mutate it for a very short time.
      Divide the resulting mixture into 4 equal parts and pour into each part the desired color or aroma.
      Each bark bake at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes as small as manure (the diameter should not exceed 30 cm). You will definitely know that the bark is over when you toss a spit into several places and if it comes out clean and dry, the bark is roasted.
      On a watch or cake ring, wrap the bark-fil-koru … and so on while there is a bark.
      At the end of the remaining row, sprinkle the entire cake and then prime it with the cream prepared according to the cake.


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