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Beli Angel Cake

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The Beli Angel Angel is a very generous cake made of thin roses, vanilla cream, sweet potatoes or raspberries and oatmeal. Of course, the tastes can be changed and combined, rather than vanilla, chocolates, caramels or some other taste, rather than nuts, even raspberries, and then there is a refreshing, real flattery. Of course, it will not wear this name, but it's a great inspiration for some of your variants of cake. See a short video about how we do it. On this link you can find our Beli Angel cake with whipped cream.


    1 l milk
    120 gr pudding with vanilla flavor (3 ounces, 6 tbsp and a little vanilla extract)
    8 cups of sugar crystal
    250 g of margarine or butter
    100 g of powdered sugar
    100 gr of chocolate
    200 gr powdered milk
    500 ml of sweet potatoes (300 gr of spaghetti and 300 – 500 ml of water)
    180 grams of acidic pavlake
    200 – 300 gr of roasted, oatmeal leaves
    1 pack of sweet rozen kora

    How to prepare a white angel cake:
    Pudding, sugar and about 200 ml of milk shake off with no grudvica.

    Put the rest of the milk to put it.

    If you are not a supporter of 3 ounce pudding, shake it with plenty of vanilla extract and some vanilla extract.

    When the dairy goes down, shake the pudding and mix until it thickens.

    Remove from fire, add white chocolate and mix to dissolve and combine with pudding.

    Cover with foil and allow to cool.

    Margarine room temperature to melt with powdered sugar, and add milk to powder and all over again to melt.

    After the pudig cooled down, mix it with a mixer and add it to pre-shredded margarine with powdered sugar and powdered milk.

    All mix with the mixer, to have a glue of cream.

    Sweep up a sweet potato but do not overturn (or whipped cream) and add the sour cream and sift together.

    If it happens to you that the pepper is somewhat more firmly pressed, add the milk and swipe (short) because if the hard will not smear over the row.

    Take a few squares and drag a few short lines to pluck the first bark.

    We do this for the first bark, and later all the cake would not “walk” in the right way.

    The rotten crust is thin and easily crumbly and careful with them.

    Apply approximately 3 full-length spoon, scramble and spread over the roasted owls.

    Place a layer of sweet parsley over them, again about 3 full cups.

    Slice to the end, bark, fil, lichen, sweet pepper.

    If you find in the first bark that you will not have a sweet pepper smeared over the corpse, you can sprinkle them as you pour a sweet potato over the vanilla row. You can also put the knees in the vanilla fil.

    At the end with the rest of the row (you should have a little left over, have enough of it) to cake the whole cake, leave it to cool slightly and then decorate as desired.

    Your angel's cake is over.

    By serving it can stand in the fridge, the taste is cold.

    The cake in the video came out in the evening and the bark has already fired, and it's best tomorrow.



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