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Yogurt and nectarine cake

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    300 g Cookies biscuits (American Chocolate Biscuits)
    140 g of melted butter
    2 tablespoons of peach liquor


      1.2 kg of nectarine
      400 gr solid yogurt (3.5% milk fat)
      100 g of sugar
      1 vanilla sugar bag
      9 sheets of gelatin
      400 grams of sweet cream for chocolate (Schlagsahne) without sugar
      3 tablespoons lemon juice

      To decorate

        80 gr of chocolate
        50 ml of creamy whipped cream
        1 – 2 nectarines

        Preparation Mode

        Slice the cake with cold butter and place a 26 cm-diameter cake mold in the middle of the plate.
        The butter should melt and leave to cool.
        Biscuits simmer, put in a bowl and mix well with butter and pepper liqueur.
        Mix the mixture on a plate and carefully spread it over the mold spindle and level it to get a “biscuit”.
        Put it in the refrigerator for about 1/2 hour to cool – it sticks.


        Peel 600 grams of nectarine, cut into a mix of fine chill – inspire. From 600 grams of nectarine separate 1 to 2 nectarines for decoration.
        Soften the gelatine sheets in cold water.
        Yoghurt, sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon juice mix well.
        Mix yoghurt with nectarines. Slice the gelatine sheets well on the stove at medium to high temperature, mixing melt.
        Gelatine add 4 teaspoons of yogurt-nectarine cream and mix until a smooth, liquid mass is obtained. Then pour gelatine lightly into the yogurt mixture, stirring constantly with the mixer.
        Sweet cream for the cream with the mixer firmly make, add a mixture of yogurt – nectarine and a good snowblue mixer.
        Remove the biscuit from the refrigerator and paint it with a little cream, make the nectarine creams and place the remaining cream on nectarines.
        Place the torture in the refrigerator overnight to get stuck.
        On the next day, carefully remove the knife and mold from the cake with a knife.

        Chocolate finely cut and together with cream on light fire mixing melt.
        Short leave to cool (not to harden).
        Torture decorate with sliced ​​nectarine and pour over with melted chocolate.


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