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Cake with eurokrem and nuts

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If you need or love pies with plenty of ribbons, rich and full flavor then choose this combination of walnut and euro-cream. I'm sure you will love the first bite. cocoa shells, two walnuts and a lot of coins with eurokrem.

Cocoa Ear:

    4 eggs
    100 g of sugar
    2 cups of cocoa
    2 flour of flour
    1 baking powder
    2 bowls of walnut, 2 times per:

    5 belanaca
    100 g of sugar
    12 teaspoons of oatmeal walnuts
    2 flour of flour
    1 Baking Powder


      10 yolks
      300 g of sugar
      8 flour of flour
      1 l milk
      250 gr margarine
      200 grams of powdered sugar
      2 whipped cream vanilla (2 cakes per 40 gr)
      300 gr
      250 ml of sweet peas
      10 oatmeal walnuts


      Peel the cherry jam with sugar and add the egg yolk with the mucus.

      Then add flour, cocoa and baking powder and join with a wire or pot.

      The stoves in the preheated ridge at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes in a manure of approximately 35 x 20 cm.

      While the first chop is cooked, prepare the other one in the same mold. Penasto beans with sugar and add nuts, flour and baking powder to the oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes in the same manure 2 such cuttings. (double dimensions go for 2 coats)

      To fill the egg yolks, sugar, flour and a little cold milk and put the rest to sprout.

      Hold the soup into boiling milk and mix until it thickens.

      Remove from the fire and add the grated nuts and mix until united, covered with foil or soda and leave to cool.

      Pour cherry margarine with powdered sugar and add a chilled filet with the nuts and whisk together.

      Specially engage a sweet potato and add it to fil.

      Finally add eurokrem and cream vanilla cream (unmoved, so powdered) and make all the best.

      You will need a larger plastic container.

      In a fertilizer in which the crust was baked, put the cake and the first cocoa bark.

      Sprinkle with milk and coat with a quarter of a row. Put another bark, quarter of a row, the third bark, and again a quarter of a row.

      To put the cake or foil again, do not squeeze it very tightly and place it in the fridge overnight, then switch it off with a pot of cake on the next day, then raise one part and submerge the cake, then cut the other part and extract the cake.

      Put a lighter method in the freezer at 3h and then double-turn on the honeycomb. Turn around, take the pot and then turn to the second spot. Optional.

      The rest of the row keeps the cake around and decorate as desired.



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